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Admin response: U of O will not fund lawsuit against Hazel Gashoka

July 19, 2013

Former Student Senator and former University of Ottawa student Hazel Gashoka wrote to Allan Rock to determine whether or not the University of Ottawa plans on funding a lawsuit against her. This is his response: 

From: Alastair Mullin
To: Hazel Gashoka
Date:  April 9, 2013
Subject: RE: Your answer requested

Ms. Gashoka,

We are in receipt of your e-mails of February 11 and March 5, 2013.  Following our discussion this afternoon, I spoke with Mr. Rock to confirm that at this juncture the university has no plans to fund such a suit.


Alastair Mullin

U of O doctoral student forced to withdraw from program

May 26, 2013

PhD student Nicholas Ali of the University of Ottawa reports he has been denied an oral defense of his thesis, despite having his thesis research published as 5 articles in peer-reviewed journals in his field:

University of Ottawa Doctoral Candidate Withdrawn from Program despite extraordinary academic achievements, evidence of bias, and administrative injustices

(OTTAWA, May 25, 2013) – Mr. Nicholas Ali, former PhD candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, was informed on May 10, 2013 that his appeal with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) Executive Committee was denied.

After over 5 years of research, tireless hard work, and publishing his doctoral thesis in several international peer-reviewed authoritative scientific journals, Mr. Ali’s appeal to defend his doctoral thesis orally was denied. Mr. Ali’s appeal clearly presented evidence of a thesis examiner admitted bias, conflict of interest between thesis examiner and student’s supervisor, and the Dean of FGPS review of the student’s thesis even though the Dean of FGPS has no knowledge in the student’s study domain. Evidence of lack of procedural fairness and transparency in the evaluation of the student’s thesis, as well as violation of university regulations are claimed against the University and its staff in Mr. Ali’s appeal.

(Read the rest of Mr. Ali’s press release HERE).


Rancourt Arbitration Continues

May 25, 2013

The arbitration of Prof. Denis Rancourt’s wrongful dismissal grievance with the University of Ottawa continued over six hearing dates in May.

The May hearings saw Prof. Rancourt take the stand first as a witness for the professors’ union (APUO) and then to be cross-examined by the university’s lawyer, Lynn Harnden.

Prof. Rancourt’s U of O Watch blog has several articles about the recent hearings, as does the new french-language blog Liberté académique.

Hearing dates continue into June and are expected to wrap up by the 26th.

U of O will not fund lawsuit against Hazel Gahoska: La Rotonde

March 4, 2013

Today’s edition of La Rotonde, the independent francophone student newspaper at U of O, contains an article about Hazel Gahoka’s press conference of last Wednesday, February 27.

At Ms. Gashoka’s press conference, she announced that she received a legal threat over defamation from the lawyer of Prof. Joanne St. Lewis, about a video she published online in November 2012.

La Rotonde reports that:

“U of O insisted that it would not fund a potential lawsuit by Ms. St. Lewis against Ms. Gashoka. Recall that U of O has recognized that it is reimbursing Ms. St. Lewis’s legal fees without limit in in her pursuit against Mr. Rancourt in the name of a moral obligation and of the fact that Ms. St. Lewis was attacked for work she did as an employee. It is impossible for us to see how it would be different in Ms. Gashoka’s case, since she has been threatened with a lawsuit for having repeated and somewhat developed the ideas of Mr. Rancourt.” (free translation) – Hamdi Souissi, La Rotonde, March 4, 2013

The article, “Joanne St. Lewis’s lawyer threatens to sue student” can be read HERE (in french).

Video of Hazel Gashoka’s February 27, 2013 press conference can be viewed on Youtube HERE.

Press Release: U of O threat to sue student for Youtube video

March 1, 2013

U of O threat to sue student for Youtube video

OTTAWA, February 25, 2013 – After posting a video online about her opinion about a lawsuit involving a University of Ottawa law professor, student Hazel Gashoka received a letter from the professor’s lawyer claiming that her video was defamatory and malicious and demanding that she take it down.

In her video, Gashoka stated her opinion that “I would say that Joanne St. Lewis acted as Allan Rock’s house negro”. Gashoka was referring to St. Lewis’ role in criticizing a student association report about systemic racism at the University of Ottawa.

The Gashoka video can be viewed at the following link:

The notice of libel to Gashoka from St. Lewis’ lawyer can be viewed at the following link:

Gashoka’s request to Allan Rock to not fund a lawsuit by St. Lewis can be read at:

Media are invited to a press conference on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 11:00am in the Rotunda of Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, where Hazel Gashoka will speak about her video, the legal threat, and the chronology of her involvement with the case dating back to Prof. St. Lewis’ 2008 evaluation report about a student centre’s claim of systemic racism at the University of Ottawa.

Hazel Gashoka
1-647-863-0586 (c)

U of O Racism, Censorship, and Abuse of Power: by Stephen Lendman

February 26, 2013

“Academia is no safe haven. U of O isn’t alone. It’s one of the worst under Rock. Racism, censorship, abuse of power, and institutionalized injustice define his administration. He enforces what no one should tolerate.” – Stephen Lendman

Article at Daily Censored blog HERE.

University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power

by Stephen Lendman
February 26, 2013

In June 2008, Allan Rock became university president. He’s a former Canadian politician and UN ambassador. He’s a pro-Israeli flack. He supports its worst crimes.

His administration is unprincipled. It’s marked by secrecy, political censorship, abuse of power, and repudiation of fundamental university values.

Read more…

Student asks President: does the University of Ottawa plan on funding a lawsuit against me?

February 11, 2013

Former Student Senator and Former University of Ottawa Student Hazel Gashoka wrote to all Members of Senate today to determine whether or not they plan on funding a lawsuit against her.  

From: Hazel Gashoka
To: Allan Rock
Cc: Senate members
Date: February 11, 2013 
Subject: Does the University of Ottawa plan on funding a lawsuit against me? 


Dear President Allan Rock,

On November 22, 2012, I sent an email to Professor Joanne St. Lewis
advising her that I made a video about her (video link provided below)
and posted it on my blog. Moreover, I kindly asked her to provide me
with any comments or corrections which I would have also posted to my
blog. The matters discussed in my video arose while I was student at
the University of Ottawa. Professor St. Lewis did not respond to my
email; however, her lawyer Richard Dearden did. On December 18, 2012 I
received a notice of libel from Mr. Dearden (link to letter provided

On October 24, 2011 Mr. David W. Scott, representing the University of
Ottawa, advised Dr. Rancourt that “indeed, the University of Ottawa is
reimbursing Professor St. Lewis for her legal fees incurred in her
defamation proceeding in the Courts against you”. As such, does the
University of Ottawa intend on reimbursing Professor St. Lewis for
legal fees incurred if she decides to pursue legal action against me?
The Senate in its wisdom should never use public funds and student
tuition to sue a student.

Please confirm that the University of Ottawa will not be funding a
defamation lawsuit against me.

Kindest Regards,

Hazel Gashoka
Former Student, Honours BA with Specialization in Psychology
Former Elected Undergraduate Student Representative to Senate, Faculty
of Social Sciences May 2011- May 2012

cc: Members of Senate

Link to video:

Link to Letter:


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