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European Response to March 7 Motion to Stop Israel-Ottawa Exchange

March 17, 2011

Below is a response from Austrian anti-war activist, Frigga Karl, to my March 7 motion to freeze the University of Ottawa – University of Haifa exchange Master’s in Laws program (see post here, and video of the presentation of the motion at the March 7 Senate meeting here).


Date: March 16, 2011
Subject: Video of academic boycott motion at U of O senate

Thank you for the video.

The motion for academic boycott against apartheid Israel is a very positive turn in the faculties of Canada.  It shows the moral responsibility against segregation politics and old fashioned colonialism in the 21st century.  Unfortunately we only can educate Israel to become a decent and modern state, in boycotting its academic institutions and make understand that there is a moral and ethic behaviour within the international community against brutal force and bloody illegal military occupation of Palestine and other illegal occupied parts in the region. Here in Austria, and especially in Vienna we will take this example to go further into the academic boycott.

The motion of Ottawa University is a significant expression of hope for a better world.

Frigga Karl
Austrian anti-war activist

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