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Memo from President Allan Rock

May 27, 2011

President Allan Rock rarely addresses the University of Ottawa Members of Senate by e-mail.   In today’s exception, Mr. Rock informs the Senators that their turnout has been low at recent convocation ceremonies, and reminds them of their duty to attend.

The President’s memo is in stark contrast to his silence when Senate members walked out of the April 2011 meeting (video here) with more than three-quarters of the scheduled meeting time remaining, while I attempted to present a motion to address the urgent concern of racist discrimination happening on campus.


Date: May 27, 2011
Subject: Spring Convocation
From: Allan Rock

Dear members of Senate,

The participation of the members of the Senate to the different convocation ceremonies is quite low this year and I strongly encourage you to part take in these ceremonies.

As you know, this is an exceptional moment for our students and their families. It is also the crowning of the Senate’s many efforts when we see our students come forward to receive their diploma, the last and most solemn moment of their stay in our institution. It is also, I believe, part of the Senate members’ duties.

Please make every effort to participate in as many convocations as possible. It is our way of showing our students that we are proud of their achievements and share this moment with them. Please confirm your presence as soon as possible on the Convocation website.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to take a few minutes at the end of the ceremony to form a Guard of Honour as the procession enters the room, so that you may congratulate the Honourary Doctorate recipient. Often, we forget this step in the ceremony and I believe strongly that, when we confer Honourary Doctorate degrees , we should pay homage to the recipients with the respect they deserve.

Allan Rock

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