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Allan Rock Response on Neurosurgery Malfeasance

June 1, 2011

Following the public disclosure of leaked e-mails demonstrating administrative malfeasance, reprisal, and possible criminal acts in the Faculty of Medecine, the U. of O. Graduate Student Association’s (GSAED) University Commissioner, Jonathan Duguay sent a letter to President Allan Rock calling for a disciplinary investigation of Neurosurgery Division Chairman Richard Moulton.

President Rock responded as follows (translation):

“Please also be aware that the complaints connected to the situation to which you refer have been examined by the proper internal processes, and that none of the complaints have been upheld.  In light of the conclusions of all of the review committees seized with the different complaints, I am of the opinion that it is not appropriate to hold a disciplinary investigation.

The University of Ottawa must respect the confidentiality of the student complainants, but will present the details of its case before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.”

At the March 7, 2011 meeting of the Senate, I read one of the most disturbing of the leaked e-mails demonstrating Dr. Moulton’s behind-the-scenes attack against Neurosurgery resident Dr. Waleed Al-Ghaithy.  Members of Senate might wonder what more it would take for Mr. Rock to initiate an investigation? Instead, Mr. Rock appears to be attempting to cover up the startling email revelations that are of great concern to the university community.

Note that, contrary to Mr. Rock’s assertions, the e-mails in question were leaked after Mr. Al-Ghaithy’s internal complaint was completed, and did not play any part in these reviews. Note also that Mr. Rock asserts respecting student confidentiality while disclosing the results of internal processes about students. It’s all quite remarkable.

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