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Ex-GSAED Commissioner Denounces Hiring Scandal

July 26, 2011

From: Jonathan Duguay (Former University Affairs Commissioner, GSAED)
To: Members of GSAED Council
Date: July 26, 2011
Subject: GSAED’s Scandal


The GSAÉD Executive fires the creator/administrator of the Grad House Project (who was working on the project since its inception) and hires in his place the boyfriend of one of the exec! This conflict of interest is so evident that one can only laugh at it … or cry.

The person is none other than Seamus Wolfe, the former SFUO president … who is starting his paid contract by going on vacation!

This person has of course never been a graduate student (and therefore never a GSAÉD member), and has no knowledge in building construction. He has in fact never been involved in this project.

 It is clear that this is nothing less than a ploy to take the student’s money and put it into the pockets of a small gang.

The Grad House Project is therefore definitely in danger. Either the University will take over the entire process, or the final results will fall short of the goal expected by the GSAÉD students (who are now paying $22.50 per session for this space).

Let’s also recall that two years ago, the exec had created the position of “Advocay and Communications Coordinator”, with an annual salary of $40,000 (funded with student money) only to hire Mike Fancie (once again, one of their friends who had never been a GSAÉD member). After displaying extremely poor abilities in communications, a level of absenteeism that bordered dangerously on being ridiculous, and receiving several damning reports, Mike Fancie manages to get out while the going is good and resigns without any sanction… more than a year later!

And watch out! GSAÉD is looking for another employee!

 Another scandal to come ?

Jonathan Duguay
Ex commissioner and Political Science rep

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