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More on the Administration’s Selective Elections

August 4, 2011

Yesterday, I posted my response to President Allan Rock’s decision to bypass the Senate in appointing the Senate’s members of the Selection Committee for the University’s new Vice-President of Resources.  I stated my position that as a Senate member I have a statutory right to participate in the deliberation over and election of which Senate Members should represent the campus community in the selection of the new VP, and I argued that circumventing the Senate’s foreseen democratic process is harmful to the institution.

Today Senate Members received four separate e-mails from the Office of the Vice-President of Governance, calling for nominations to four Senate Committees.  The Senate will follow its normal procedure and elect its representatives to these committees at its next meeting on September 12, 2011:

• Senate Teaching and Teaching Evaluation Committee
• Senate Academic Planning Committee
• Senate Honorary Degrees Committee
• Senate Executive Committee

Apparently the administration will permit some Senate elections to take place, and circumvent others despite protest from Senate Members?  Why oh why has the membership of the VP Resources Selection Committee been placed in the latter category?

Maybe we wouldn’t have this problem if the Senate’s Procedural Rules Committee had been allowed to start work, instead of being delayed for six months beyond the January 10, 2011 meeting (video) by VP Academic Francois Houle’s amendment to my motion.  Now six months have passed, and the administration has not responded to my July 18, 2011 request for information on the initiation of that committee, whereas Senate Members should have already been informed in order to prepare for that election.

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