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Student Senators to be Hand-picked by the SFUO

September 13, 2011

From: Joseph Hickey
To: SFUO VP University Liz Kessler
Date: September 13, 2011
Subject: Open Student Positions on University of Ottawa Senate

Dear SFUO VP University Liz Kessler,

There are 4 vacant seats for student representatives to the University of Ottawa Senate from the Faculties of Arts, Medicine, Education, and Common Law.

On the SFUO web page (link), you have posted a note informing students interested in these positions to submit a CV and a Letter of Interest to you by Thursday, September 15.

I have asked you several times over the summer to be involved and kept informed of the process, but you have not informed me of your CV request for September 15.

While it is important to encourage students to participate as Senate representatives, it is concerning to me that you and the SFUO would select student Senate representatives based on CV’s submitted to you.

The SFUO is representative of a particular political faction, and it’s choices of student Senators will not reflect the broad political views of students that are needed at Senate.

Can we please meet to talk about fair ways to ensure that the vacant seats at Senate are filled?  For example, last year’s VP University, Ted Horton, reached out to the Faculty Student Associations to elect their Senate representatives to fill empty seats in the Fall 2010 semester.


Joseph Hickey
Grad. student representative to Senate

Cc: student Senators and BoG representatives, student media

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