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Response from Liz Kessler, Senate Elections

September 14, 2011

SFUO VP University Affairs, Liz Kessler, responded today to my e-mail of yesterday to clarify at what level the SFUO will now prevent broad student elections of Senate representatives.

Contrary to reports from SFUO insiders yesterday, who confirmed the plan to “hand-pick” student Senators, Liz today stated that the SFUO Board of Administrators (BOA) will “recommend” the names of the new student Senators to the Senate.

I also note that the SFUO September Calendar, which contained the posting calling for Senate candidates’ CV’s and Letters of Interest to be sent to Liz Kessler, has been completely wiped clean as of today.

From: Liz Kessler (VP University Affairs, SFUO)
To: Joseph Hickey
Cc: Student Senators and BoG representatives
Date: September 14, 2011
Subject: RE: Open Student Positions on University of Ottawa Senate

Hi Joseph,

The university senate has a practice of filling vacant undergraduate seats via recommendation from the VP University Affairs of the SFUO.  This year I have chosen to make this more of an open process than it has been in the past, by giving the opportunity for all undergraduate students to submit their candidacy through me, by sending in their resumé and indicating their interest. All undergraduate students were informed of the opportunity in an e-mail that was sent to them in August. The candidates will be recommended to the Senate by the board of administration of the SFUO, a body that is elected by students from every faculty to represent their interests.

If you have any other concerns, please let me know.


Elizabeth Kessler
V.P. University Affairs / v.p. aux affaires universitaires

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