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SFUO management of Senate Elections: Student Senator Hazel Gashoka responds

September 15, 2011

All posts related to the SFUO’s involvement in the selection of new student Senators: here.

From: Hazel Gashoka
To: SFUO VP University Liz Kessler
Cc: Student Senators and BoG representatives
Date: September 15, 2011
Subject: RE: Open Student Positions on University of Ottawa Senate

Good afternoon Liz,

I find the appointment of student senators by the SFUO problematic and inconsistent with the by-laws. The Senate By-law on Composition of the Senate states that “one full-time student elected by his peers in each of the Faculties of the University of Ottawa and one student for the two sections in Law; the method of election and the period of mandate to be determined by resolution of the Senate.” As such, the Senate representatives should be elected by students of the respective faculty.


Hazel Gashoka
Student Faculty of Science Senator

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  1. September 15, 2011 3:59 pm

    No shit. It is a strict rule of all legislative or governing assemblies that the assembly’s by-laws cannot be over-ridden by a vote of the assembly or any other arrangement. The by-laws must be changed if the SFUO wants to do this legally. That’s how representative democracy assemblies work.

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