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SFUO & Senate elections: Liz Kessler confirms Fed’s allegiance to the Rock Administration

September 15, 2011

In response to my e-mail (below) requesting clarification of SFUO VP University, Liz Kessler’s plan to fill vacant Senate seats by “recommendation” from the SFUO Board of Administrators (BOA) rather than through proper by-election by the students of each Faculty, Liz has responded by telling student Senators to take the matter to University Senate.

Readers of A Student’s-Eye View will be aware that the University of Ottawa’s Allan Rock Administration owns the Senate and outright denies student participation at nearly every opportunity (e.g. see the April, 2011 meeting video).

Ms. Kessler’s decision to shunt vocalized student concerns over student representation into the Rock Administration’s hands, coupled with SFUO President Amalia Savva’s whispering episode in the ear of University President Rock at the September 12 Senate meeting (video to come) make the point crystal clear: the Fed clique is the student branch of the Rock Administration.

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Today’s e-mail from Liz Kessler is below:

From: SFUO VP University Liz Kessler
To: Joseph Hickey
Cc: Student Senators and BoG representatives
Date: September 15, 2011
Subject: Re: Open Student Positions on University of Ottawa Senate


These senate positions are seats on the university’s senate: they are a part of the university’s governance, not the SFUO. We are fortunate enough at the University of Ottawa to have elections for these seats run by the student union and not the university. Unfortunately, they frequently remain vacant after elections take place(as is the case this year for the undergraduate seats for the Faculties of Arts, Medicine, and Education). When this happens, the process for the seats to be filled is at the discretion of the senate itself. As a courtesy, it is tradition for them to ask for a recommendation from the SFUO, and as such, we intend to give a recommendation. If you believe this process to be insufficiently democratic, I suggest that you bring it up with the senate.


Elizabeth Kessler
V.P. University Affairs / v.p. aux affaires universitaires

From: Joseph Hickey
To: SFUO VP University, Liz Kessler
Cc: Student Senators and BoG representatives
Date: September 14, 2011
Subject: Re: Open Student Positions on University of Ottawa Senate

Hi Liz,

I feel strongly that the Senate representatives should be elected directly by the students of each Faculty.

Please clarify these points about your intended course of action to have the BOA “recommend” the new Senate members:

– Why has the call-out for applications to the Senate positions been removed from the SFUO September Calendar now, before the deadline for submission of applications has passed?  The September calendar, (available here: link), contained the application and deadline requirements as of yesterday.

– Will you release all names of all candidates for positions on the Senate once the Sept. 15 deadline has passed?  Please e-mail me and anyone else who’s interested the names of all candidates once the deadline has passed.  This is an important transparency measure.

– Will all students submitting their names as candidates be forwarded to the BOA regardless of completion of application?

– Will the candidates have an opportunity make a presentation to the BOA?

– Will the BOA vote to select the candidates that it will “recommend”?  How will the vote be structured?

Please respond as soon as possible,

Thank you,

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  1. September 16, 2011 8:29 am

    * September 15, 2011 e-mail from Anne-Marie Roy (Undergrad Board of Governors rep, U. of O.) to student Senators, student Board of Governors representatives, and SFUO VP University *

    Hello all,

    This is Anne-Marie, the student undergrad representative on the Board of Governors. I am writing today to support Ms. Kessler in the manner she chose to fill the vacant positions at the Senate.

    I believe that student representation on all levels of Governance at the University of Ottawa is very important. With that said, until the vacant seats at the Senate are filled, students will be represented by the administration and its appointees, silencing students at large, and diminishing our impact when discussing student issues.

    The Senate had the courtesy of allowing the Student Federation to fill the vacant seats, a mandate that is to be filled by our VP University Affairs, whom I’d like to remind everyone, was democratically elected. As such, I believe that the students at the University of Ottawa have faith in Ms. Kessler’s ability to fulfill such duties.

    Since every student received an e-mail informing them of the opportunity to represent students of their faculty at the Senate, I judge this way of proceeding fair.

    I don’t doubt that Ms. Kessler will chose someone qualified for the position, and with a desire to represent and discuss student issues in the best of his or her ability, for the remainder of the academic year.

    Any more discussion on this issue should be brought up at the Senate.

    Best regards,
    Undergrad Governor for the University of Ottawa

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