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SFUO President Amalia Savva Granted Whispering Rights at Senate by Allan Rock

September 29, 2011

Allan Rock’s go-to line when he wants to block an invited community member from making a contribution to Senate is his “only Senators have a right to speak at Senate.” (e.g. March 7, 2011: Allan Rock silences Diana Ralph of Independent Jewish Voices: post-1, post-2, video)

O.K… so Mr. Rock has remained firm on his sophistry about speaking rights – but apparently the right to whisper into the Chairman’s ear can be extended to non-Senators, even if it’s “not the practice to do that.”  And then the Chairman will report the information to the Senate at large.  See video below.

Kudos to SFUO President Amalia Savva and her brave intervention breaking new ground for student voices.  Next step, fighting for private recesses between the SFUO Exec and Mr. Rock while Senate motions are on the table?

Should Senate Members plug their ears while Amalia is whispering?

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