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Slander and “Dirty stuff”: Vasek Mezl has Senators Rolling in the Aisles

October 4, 2011

Claims of severe corruption and racist reprisal in the Faculty of Medicine have been brought to the University of Ottawa Senate on several occasions in recent months:

• March, 2011 – Neurosurgery Chair Richard Moulton’s leaked e-mail read at Senate
• April, 2011 – Motion on Non-Discrimination at the University of Ottawa squashed

(all posts on Discrimination at U. of O.)

In response to my efforts to inform the Senate Members of these glaring problems and the Rock administration’s steadfast silence in these matters, I received personal e-mails from Medicine Secretary Vasek Mezl in which Dr. Mezl slandered the medical residents involved in the human rights complaints announced at the March 9, 2011 press conference in Tabaret Hall.

At the September 12, 2011 meeting of the Senate, Dr. Mezl promoted his candidacy to the Senate’s Executive Committee based on his extensive knowledge of the “dirty stuff” in the Faculties of Medicine and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Laughter ensued:

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