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Ottawa Citizen has located Allan Rock in Asia

October 6, 2011

Well that narrows it down a bit.

Allan Rock’s absence from the University of Ottawa Senate continued this past Monday (link).  At the meeting, three of the University’s Vice-Presidents (F. Houle, D. Davidson, and D. Cossette) stated that they did not know the whereabouts of the president or what business he was undertaking other than that he was “not in the country.”

Mr. Rock refuses to answer the question of the University’s involvement in U. of O. Law Professor Joanne St. Lewis’ $1 million lawsuit (link) against wrongfully dismissed U. of O. Professor of Physics Denis Rancourt, even when the issue has been brought to the University Senate by way of a formal motion submitted for last Monday’s meeting.  The case also involves U. of O. Prof Richard Dearden (Gowlings mega-lawyer representing St. Lewis) and U. of O. Prof Claude Lamontagne (expert witness for Rancourt), and is being heard in Ottawa.

Will Mr. Rock grant Senate members the collegial courtesy to inform them of what business he is involved in in Asia that has caused him to be absent from his fourth consecutive Senate meeting and that his Vice-Presidents have no knowledge of?  The President has already refused to respond why he left the September 12 meeting of the Senate early (link, link).

Will Mr. Rock answer if the University is funding the St. Lewis case?

The Citizen located Rock for a quote on an Oct. 6 article, here.

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