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University VP Governance to Investigate SFUO’s Student Senator Election Folly

October 6, 2011

Previous posts on the SFUO’s manipulation of the 3 vacant student seats at the University of Ottawa Senate are here.

Student Senators Hazel Gashoka and Joseph Hickey have publicly opposed the SFUO VP University Liz Kessler’s decision to handpick SFUO insiders for the positions (link, link)

At the October 3 meeting of the Senate, interim Senate Chair François Houle confirmed that the SFUO’s selected trio Julien de Bellefeuille, Martin Schoots-McAlpine, and Katherine Li, would not have been permitted voting rights at that session had they been there for it.

Mr. Houle also confirmed that University Vice-President of Governance, Diane Davidson will investigate the matter in accordance with a “signed agreement” between the student association and the University.

This is the first that I have heard of any such signed agreement, despite my many attempts to obtain clarifications from Liz Kessler about the SFUO’s role in the elections.  Mr. Houle also referred to the VP Governance’s investigative powers stemming from an April 2010 By-Law of the Senate, which was not distributed to Senate members.

Mr. Houle promised to report the administration’s ruling on the SFUO’s selection process and what the next step will be at the November, 2011 meeting of the Senate.

More details as they come.

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