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SFUO Stands Up for Senate Video Transparency: Letter to President Rock

November 2, 2011

“We are writing to express the Student Federation’s concern regarding this egregious breach of policy and lack of transparency at the University’s highest governing body for academic affairs.”

– SFUO President Amalia Savva and VP University Elizabeth Kessler

At the October 3, 2011 meeting of the Senate, interim chair, Francois Houle, ordered the Senate camera turned off when I requested information about regular chair, Allan Rock’s continued absences.  Previous posts are here: (link-1, 2, 3).

Video transparency of Senate goes back to the 2008/2009 arrest and campus banishment story of student Marc Kelly and the numerous student protests that followed.

Today, the SFUO’s Savva and Kessler sent a letter (HERE) to President Allan Rock expressing shock that a Senate policy was breached and questioning if the University will take future policies seriously, such as the upcoming Policy on the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment. 

The next Senate meeting is on Monday, November 7.  Will the administration let regular filming happen, or will “members of the public… once again have to film or capture the proceedings themselves should they want an accurate recording of the meetings” as the SFUO insisted?

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