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Senate Will Correct SFUO’s Election Fail

November 3, 2011

Item #5 of the November 7 University of Ottawa Senate meeting Agenda is entitled “Student Senator Election Process” (documentation available here).

In a rare nod to procedural fairness and following the rules, university VP Governance, Diane Davidson, will recommend that the protested selection of three SFUO insiders to Senate positions by the SFUO Executive should be overturned and proper elections held among students of the appropriate Faculty Councils instead.

Could Ms. Davidson be making a return to her earlier philosophy (before arriving at the U. of O.) that elections are important in society?

All posts on the SFUO Student Senator Manipulation are HERE.  A September 27 report by La Rotonde is HERE.

Too bad for students that SFUO VP University Liz Kessler refused to hold proper elections when requested to do so by student Senate members and new candidates.  Rather than read and apply the Senate’s By-Law on student representatives (link-1, 2), Ms. Kessler told me to just “bring it up with Senate.”

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  1. Hazel permalink
    November 6, 2011 2:17 pm

    A win for democracy and a loss for the federation of kleptocrats at the University of Ottawa (aka the SFUO)

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