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U of O President Allan Rock Explains the Role of Student Senators at Nov. 7 Meeting

November 18, 2011

Allan Rock justifies missing Senate to hold an official reception at his residence for unnamed guests.  Then explains how things were “back in his day” at the University of Ottawa when students didn’t ask these kinds of questions:


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  1. November 18, 2011 8:47 pm

    I honestly couldn’t agree more with Mr. Rock.

  2. Paule permalink
    November 20, 2011 5:29 pm

    Mr. Hickey takes himself way too seriously if he thinks that Mr. Rock needs to answer to him, or anyone else, for skipping a Senate meeting.

  3. steve permalink
    December 21, 2011 7:26 am

    But Mr. Rock is answerable to the Senate (never mind the entire campus community)! He is not God (Come to think of it, no campus administrator is God, despite any allusions any one of them may have). From where I sit, Mr. Rock is simply an employee like an invisible custodian, a slavish contract instructor, an over worked admin assistant, an emasculated faculty member or whoever – each has responsibilities to fulfill to keep his or her job. Because he is paid exorbitant amounts of money and is given a powerful position, it seems that his ‘underlings’ – the campus community – has learned that it must hold him and his position in ominipotent deference above all else. Yet, he is required to show up for Senate meetings and according to what I’ve read, he’s not shown up for SEVERAL meetings. I thought universities were where critical thinking occurred? Where are the more critical comments? I have mentioned elsewhere that a report has indicated that the University of Ottawa was given a very low score for protecting free speech on its campus compared to other universities across Canada. Perhaps this video is instructive in that regard as well?

    Paternalism is another symptom of when corporate managerialism has taken over the running of a university (or any publicly-funded institution). I am reminded, when I watch this video, of what paternalism is all about:

    “Paternalism starts with the notion of superiority. We (those in authority) must and can take control of these “subjects” (campus community – students in particular) in spite of themselves, in spite of their individual will, or culture or tradition, or their sovereignty. The savages need to be civiized (for their own good)….The pagans need to be saved (for their own good). Paternalism is often subtle, in that it casts the oppressor as benign, as protector. The relation between ideology and power is expressed as natural to justify relations of oppression. ….Paternalism often must transform its subjects into children or people with childlike qualities” (Pgs. 52-53 of James Charlton’s ‘Nothing About Us Without Us,’ 2000).

    The above are my personal opinions, freely given, and are reflective of my personal beliefs. I state them as an academic and member of the broader community deeply concerned about the corporatist direction in which the management of this university has been taken.

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