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U of O Refuses to Pay Governance Workers

November 26, 2011

University of Ottawa President, Allan Rock has provided the following curt response to my September 26 request for payment for my work as a student Senate representative.

It is unfortunate that, as the Senate prepares to provide its final input into the university’s first ever Policy on the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment (link), Mr. Rock refuses to acknowledge the discriminatory practice of not paying students for their governance work, while professors and administrators are well paid for the same work.


From: Allan Rock (President, U of O)
To: Joseph Hickey
Date: November 22, 2011
Subject: Senate

Mr. Hickey:

I write in response to your email of November 14 concerning payment to student representatives in Senate.

The Administration Committee does not intend to pay student representatives for their attendance at Senate meetings.

Allan Rock


From: Joseph Hickey
To: Allan Rock
Date: November 14, 2011
Subject: Payment for Senate Work

Dear President Rock,

I made a written request to you and the University Administrative Committee for payment for my work as a Senate representative on September 26, 2011 (e-mail below).

I followed up asking you to respond and acknowledge my request on October 16 and October 24, but I have not received an acknowledgement or a response.

Please acknowledge and respond to this request.  Please let me know when you will do so.

Joseph Hickey
Student Senator, FGPS (Sciences)

Cc: Members of Senate


From: Joseph Hickey
To: Allan Rock
Date: October 24, 2011
Subject: Payment for Senate Work

Dear President Allan Rock

I have not received a response for my payment request for my work at Senate.  This request was made to the Administrative Committee on Sept. 26 and followed up on Oct. 16 (below).

I continue to be unpaid for my work at Senate since September 2010.

Please acknowledge this e-mail, and please respond to my payment request by this Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Joseph Hickey

Cc: Administrative Committee, Members of Senate


From: Joseph Hickey
To: University of Ottawa Administrative Committee
Date: October 16, 2011
Subject: Payment for Senate Work

Dear University of Ottawa Administrative Committee,
Please reply to my payment request of September 26, below.
I continue to be unpaid for my Senate work.

Joseph Hickey

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  1. Jake permalink
    November 28, 2011 1:02 pm

    What??? You’re not getting paid??? If I were you, I would quit…

  2. Seriously? permalink
    November 29, 2011 7:12 pm

    Yeah, this demand really makes no sense – he’s a student, not a paid faculty or university employee. When he took on the position, he knew it was not paid – now he’s demanding payment for something he knew he was not entitled to originally. How is not just another student who has a glimpse of power because he sits at the same table and now feels entitled to all the perks?

    Students are not the same as faculty – tough to hear, but that’s reality. As his own post from before points out, faculty get paid a salary for their work at the university – but they don’t get extra pay for being on Senate, its just deemed work that is paid for as part of their existing salary. They don’t get paid extra for being on Senate, why should a student?

    Students pay to go to university and earn an education + accreditation. Faculty are paid to teach that education. Work they might do as Senate or other representative body members is voluntary, unless it said otherwise. If you agreed to do a job for free when you started, you can’t demand pay for it after you started it – and if you do, whoever hired you has a right to end the agreement since you are trying to change the terms after the fact. Its pretty basic. Unless you are looking for an excuse to grandstand.

    If you want to get paid for being a student senate member, then campaign under the rules to have the bylaws changed first, then resign and run for your seat again under the new rules – if it were a paid position, I bet more people would find the motivation to run, and it might not be such an easy ride to get it. In the meantime, just be happy with the catering. Or show your commitment to your position by resigning and holding a press conference.

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