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La Rotonde Reports on Senate Pay Equity Discrimination, GSAED Disciplinary Motion

January 16, 2012

A Jan. 16, 2012 La Rotonde article on the U of O Senate pay equity discrimination issue can be read here.   My request to President Allan Rock for payment for my work as student Senator is posted here.

The recent GSAED Council motion to discipline me for asking for equal pay for equal work is also discussed in the article.

The above motion should not have been permitted at GSAED Council in the first place, because it is outside of the GSAED’s jurisdiction to intervene in a student Senate representative’s work at Senate.

In response to some of his quotes in today’s La Rotonde article, I’ve written to GSAED Council Chair, Olivier Desharnais-Roy, asking him to correct his position on this matter:


From: Joseph Hickey
To: Olivier Desharnais-Roy (GSAED Council Chair)
Cc: GSAED Council Members
Date: January 16, 2012
Subject: GSAED Council Chair’s comments in La Rotonde re: Senate representation

Dear GSAED Council Chair, Olivier Desharnais-Roy,

Today’s edition of La Rotonde (Jan. 16, 2012) contains an article (attached) entitled “Un sénateur étudiant demande à être payé pour son travail” (“A student senator requests payment for his work”). The article is about my public request to President Allan Rock for payment for my work as a representative to Senate (link here).

The recent (Nov. 29, 2011) disciplinary motion by GSAED Council against me and related to my payment request is discussed in the article, and you are quoted as follows (translated from French):

‘According to Mr. Desharnais-Roy, the GSAED would be responsible for this kind of discipline, even if it’s not “well explained in the Constitution.”  He  explains that it is the GSAED’s responsibility to elect representatives to its executive committee as well as student senators and board of governors members.

The Constitution contains strong arguments suggesting a link between the GSAED and elected student representatives.  However, it is not explicitly stated whether or not the GSAED is simply responsible for the organization of the elections or if the elected representatives represent the GSAED in their external positions.  According to Mr. Desharnais-Roy, “the relationship is unclear and poorly explained.”  This could lead to a possible review of the Constitution.’

To the contrary, the GSAED does not have jurisdiction to discipline student Senate representatives for their Senate work, as I stated in my letter of Dec. 18, 2011 (link here).

Please note article #10 of the Senate’s Regulation Concerning the Election of Student Members to Senate, (available here):

10. For greater  certainty, nothing in this Regulation shall be interpreted to mean that student members of Senate are elected by or represent either the SFUO or GSAÉD on the Senate. Student members of Senate are directly elected by, and independently represent, only the student members of their respective academic units. The involvement of the SFUO and GSAÉD and their respective Chief Returning Officers and committees in the election of student members of Senate is purely administrative in nature.

Please correct your position, as reported in La Rotonde, regarding representation of GSAED by student Senators in their Senate work.  They do not represent GSAED in their Senate work.  The GSAED’s involvement is “purely administrative in nature” and relates only to the election process.

Please give these facts proper consideration when deciding on the validity, jurisdictional or otherwise, of any future disciplinary motions at GSAED Council.


Joseph Hickey

Representative to U of O Senate for graduate students, Sciences section
GSAED Council Member (Senate, Sciences)

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  1. January 17, 2012 11:14 pm

    Update: response from GSAED Council Chair Olivier Desharnais-Roy: LINK.

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