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Save Cafe Nostalgica! :::Emergency GSAED meeting this Friday, Jan. 20:::

January 16, 2012


In response to a successful petition initiated by the teaching assistant union and the electrical engineering students’ association, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the U of O graduate students’ association (GSAED) will be held on Friday, January 20, at 6 p.m. in room 205 of the Morisset (library) building on campus.

In one year the project’s anticipated cost has gone up by $1 million (25% increase).  How many more millions will be added on once construction begins?

Can Cafe Nostalgica be saved before our inexperienced student representatives allow construction company sharks into student territory?

And the University just has to sit back and wait until our little cove of culture is crushed (literally) by our GSAED reps, then step in to handle the mounting mortgage (with interest?)…

So what will students end up with long after the current GSAED executive has moved on?  E.g., a windowless cafe with a few Nostalgic tokens in the basement of a new Health Sciences building?


From: Félix Grenier (President, CUPE-2626)
To: Union members
Date: January 16, 2012
Subject: Erratum: GSAED town hall meetings cancelled/Les reunions d’information de la GSAED annulees

Chers membres/Dear members,
[English follows]

Des changements sont apparus, concernant les réunions d’information de la GSAÉD concernant le projet de Maison des diplômé.e.s, depuis l’envoi de notre dernier message. Suite au dépôt de la pétition à ce sujet, la GSAÉD a en effet annulée celles-ci et organisera une Assemblée générale extraordinaire vendredi le 20 janvier prochain. Nous vous invitons évidemment à assister à cette rencontre. Pour plus d’information, veuillez consulter le message ci-bas ou contacter directement la GSAED.

En toute solidarité,

“Suite à la réception d’une pétition demandant la tenue d’une Assemblée générale extraordinaire à propos du Projet de la Maison des diplômé.e.s, les réunions d’information qui devaient avoir lieu les 16 et 17 janvier ont été reportées. Nous invitons plutôt les membres de la GSAED à assister à l’Assemblée générale qui aura lieu le 20 janvier à 18h, à la salle 205 du pavillon Morisset, et lors de laquelle les détails pertinents au Projet seront abordés.”

Changes have occured concerning theTown Hall meetings organized by the GSAED about the Grad House project, since we sent our last message. Following the submission of the petition on this topic, the GSAED has effectively cancelled those Town Hall meetings and will instead organize an Extraordinary General Meeting next Friday (January 20th). We obviously hope that you will attend this meeting. For more information, see the message below or directly contact the GSAED.

In sol.,

“Following the receipt of a petition calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held regarding the Grad House Project, the Town Hall Meetings scheduled for January 16th and 17th have been postponed. Instead, GSAÉD members are invited to attend a General Meeting on January 20th, at 6pm, in Morisset 205, where all relevant information pertaining to the Project will be discussed.”

Felix Grenier
President, SCFP-CUPE 2626
Courriel :
Téléphone : (613) 562-5345

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