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Clickers at U of O Senate, but no Translation

February 3, 2012

Simultaneous bilingual translation of Senate meetings has been rejected by Senate (see minutes of Jan. 2011 and Feb. 2011), even though students services are able to provide translation for their events (e.g. SFUO Human Rights press conference of April 2011).

Senators received word today that the administration is bringing electronic clicker technology to Senate to replace the Senate’s paper-ballot election system (e-mail below).

The administration of Canada’s University continues to make the right choices…


From: VP Governance Office
To: Members of Senate
Date: February 3, 2012
Subject: Pilot Project: Electronic Elections at Senate

Please be advised that the elections to be held at Monday’s Senate meeting will be conducted using an electronic vote counting system (“clickers”). This pilot project will enable the election process to be held in a more efficient and rapid manner than the paper ballot system which was previously used. The tool has been tested to record votes securely and confidentially.

This technology has been in use in classrooms by University of Ottawa professors and students . We wish to thank the Teaching and Learning Support Service for putting this tool at our disposal for the conduct of Senate elections.

A trial question will be used to allow senators to familiarize themselves with the clickers before proceeding with the actual election.

Thank you.

Annie Garant
Directrice du Secrétariat de l’Université / Director of the University Secretariat
Cabinet de la vice-rectrice à la gouvernance / Office of the Vice-President, Governance

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