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Cynthia McKinney in Ottawa: Invitation from Senator Hazel Gashoka

February 23, 2012

(See the Facebook page for Cynthia McKinney’s speaking event in Tabaret Hall HERE).

From: Hazel Gashoka
To: President Allan Rock
Cc: Members of Senate, media
Date: February 23, 2012
Subject: University of Ottawa’s Black History Month workshop with Madame Cynthia McKinney

To Mr. Allan Rock and Members of the University Senate:

On behalf of the members of the Black History Month committee, I would like to invite Mr. Allan Rock and the members of the Senate to the Black History Month workshop with Madame Cynthia McKinney being held at the University of Ottawa at the Rotunda of Tabaret Hall on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 7pm.

Former US Congresswoman, former US Green Party presidential candidate, anti-war crusader, and Palestinian human rights activist Cynthia McKinney will be facilitating discussions on racial discrimination. As this workshop will be discussion-based, members of the public and the university community are encouraged to bring their questions, comments, and ideas.

Given the fact that Ms. McKinney is a renowned member of the community, I would suggest that the administration provide security for the event. However, please note that this is not an invitation to cancel or interfere with the event. We expect your cooperation to ensure the event runs smoothly.

We look forward to seeing you there,


Ms. Hazel Gashoka
UndergraduateĀ Student Representative to Senate, Faculty of Social Sciences

Cc: Senate members and media

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