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Student Senator Calls on President Allan Rock to Allow Public Observation of his Cross-Examination

March 13, 2012

From: Hazel Gashoka
To: Allan Rock
Cc: Members of Senate
Subject: On the matter of procedure in the defamation action of St. Lewis v. Rancourt
Date: March 13, 2012

To Mr. Allan Rock,

I am writing this letter in response to your decision to bar the public from attending your cross-examination in the Joanne St. Lewis v. Denis Rancourt defamation lawsuit. I was informed of your decision on February 8 , 2012 while attending the case management conference.

I ask that you repair the situation by allowing your cross-examination in the champerty motion to be accessible to members of the public and by providing the university community with a letter of apology.

I believe that your denial of public observation is a matter of societal importance and public interest. I trust that you will do everything in your power to clarify and redress the situation.

Kindest Regards,

Ms. Hazel Gashoka
Undergraduate Student Representative to Senate, Faculty of Social Sciences

Cc: Senate members

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