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UofO Senate Meeting Cancelled: Observation of President’s Cross-examination must be Discussed

March 14, 2012

From: Joseph Hickey and Hazel Gashoka
To: Vice-President of Governance, Diane Davidson
Cc: Members of Senate, community members, media
Date: March 14, 2012
Subject:  UofO Senate Meeting Cancelled: Observation of President Rock’s Cross-examination must be Discussed

Dear Vice-President of Governance, Diane Davidson,

Today and yesterday we publicly called on President Allan Rock to retract his decision to bar the public from observing his cross-examination hearing over allegations of improper financing of an ongoing lawsuit (St. Lewis v. Rancourt) involving UofO professors.  You were in Cc to both of these e-mails (link, link).

Also this week, the Civil Liberties Association of the National Capital Region (CLA-NCR) emitted a public statement stressing the societal importance of public observation of cross-examinations in St. Lewis v. Rancourt.  These cross-examinations include that of Mr. Rock.  The CLA-NCR’s statement is posted here: (link).

This afternoon an e-mail was sent from your office to all Members of Senate informing us that you have cancelled the upcoming meeting of the Senate, scheduled for March 26, due to a lack of Agenda items for that meeting (see below).

The matter of observation of the University President and CEO’s sworn testimony regarding the propriety of his decision to fund one side of a civil litigation that has freedom of expression and academic freedom at its core is of utmost importance to the Senate and must be debated in full in that forum.  We imagine that there must have been a terrible mistake by your office in sending this notice of cancellation of the March 26 Senate meeting following our public requests to the President.

It is, in fact, fortunate that there is room on the March 26 meeting Agenda to permit the Senate to fully analyze and deliberate on this matter.  We stress that this is an urgent matter that must be dealt with by the Senate on March 26 and not later, due to the upcoming scheduling of Mr. Rock’s cross-examination.

We trust that you will correct this cancellation notice immediately and add the matter of public observation of the President’s cross-examination to the March 26 meeting Agenda.

Please respond to this e-mail immediately.


Joseph Hickey
Graduate Student Representative to UofO Senate, Sciences section

Hazel Gashoka
Undergraduate Student Representative to Senate, Faculty of Social Sciences

Cc: Members of Senate, concerned community members, media

2012/3/14 UO Secretariat <>


Comme il y a peu de points inscrits à l’ordre du jour du Sénat, leur étude est reportée à la réunion de mai.  En conséquence, la réunion du Sénat du 26 mars 2012 est annulée.



Good day,

As the Senate agenda consists of few items, their consideration has been deferred to the May meeting. The Senate meeting scheduled for March 26, 2012 is therefore cancelled.

Thank you,

Anne-Lyse Gagné

Coordonnatrice des comités | Committee Coordinator
Secrétariat de l’Université | University Secretariat
Cabinet de la vice-rectrice à la gouvernance | Office of the Vice-President, Governance
Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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