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Student’s-Eye View Intervenes for Public Observation of UofO Lawsuit

March 22, 2012

Joseph Hickey, student Senator and author of “A Student’s-Eye View” has filed and served material as an Intervenor on the Defendant’s Motion for Leave to Appeal in the St. Lewis v. Rancourt lawsuit, to be heard on March 28 at the Ottawa Courthouse:

  • Intervenor’s Motion Record + Affidavit: HERE
  • Intervenor’s Factum: HERE

The Defendant’s motion is to obtain permission to make an appeal of a judge’s order blocking the public and the media from observing cross-examinations in the case, including the cross-examination of UofO President, Allan Rock, regarding his decision to fund all of Professor St. Lewis’ legal fees using university money.

Last week, student Senator, Hazel Gashoka and I duly submitted a motion for the Senate to adopt a position in favour of transparency and public observation of the cross-examinations at its meeting of March 26, but President Rock and Vice-President of Governance, Diane Davidson instead decided to cancel the Senate’s meeting and bar our motion from being heard (see: 1, 2, 3).

It was to have been the last meeting of Ms. Gashoka and my terms as Senators for the 2011-2012 year.

It is hoped that more student media will join in this intervention for observation rights in this legal action, which poses questions which are central to the future of University of Ottawa.

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