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U of O’s Lynn Harnden on the Open Court Principle

April 14, 2012

Legal representative for the University of Ottawa, Lynn Harnden has given the University community a number of choice quotes to chew on throughout the wrongful dismissal arbitration of former Professor of Physics, Denis Rancourt:

  • Professor Denis Rancourt fired for Post-Dismissal Conduct: YOUTUBE
  • U of O’s Lynn Harnden wants to Block Reporting of Rancourt Case: YOUTUBE
  • Student Media Interviews and “Intimidation”: YOUTUBE

Mr. Harnden left the public with another zinger yesterday, at the end of a week of hearings centred on the evidence of witness Andre E. Lalonde, the former Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University:

“Why does he need to view the witness?”

– Lynn Harnden, for the University of Ottawa

Mr. Harnden posed this query in opposition to my request, as a member of the audience observing the hearing, for Dr. Lalonde’s computer monitor to be repositioned to allow observers to see the witness better.

His comments were consistent with the University’s vehement opposition to public observation of President Allan Rock’s cross-examination in a separate legal matter, despite the fundamental importance of public observation enshrined in the Open Court Principle.

Moments like these show that not only is public observation of witnesses needed, but also public observation of their lawyers.

by Joseph Hickey

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