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U of O Blocks Access to Allan Rock’s E-mails

April 30, 2012

“We need to push uottawa team! Less than 30% towards team goal!

What to do? Threats? Bribes? Empty promises (it works during elections!)…”

– U of O President Allan Rock, June 7, 2011 (record 142)

My request under Access to Information law for all of President Allan Rock’s e-mails to his former Chief-of-Staff, Stéphane Émard-Chabot was made in September 2011 and reported on this site and in La Rotonde in 2012, after the provincial Information and Privacy Commission ordered the University to respond.

Last week the University issued its decision letter accompanied by a set of disclosed documents, and an index of undisclosed documents.  In a new practice adopted as of January 2012, the index of records no longer includes the identification of the sender or recipient of the e-mail, or the subject line or time that the e-mail was sent.  About 40% of the records included in the index were disclosed.

  • Initial request of September 19, 2011, here.
  • Index of records issued April 27, 2012, here.
  • Disclosed records, issued April 27, 2012, here.
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