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U of O will not fund lawsuit against Hazel Gahoska: La Rotonde

March 4, 2013

Today’s edition of La Rotonde, the independent francophone student newspaper at U of O, contains an article about Hazel Gahoka’s press conference of last Wednesday, February 27.

At Ms. Gashoka’s press conference, she announced that she received a legal threat over defamation from the lawyer of Prof. Joanne St. Lewis, about a video she published online in November 2012.

La Rotonde reports that:

“U of O insisted that it would not fund a potential lawsuit by Ms. St. Lewis against Ms. Gashoka. Recall that U of O has recognized that it is reimbursing Ms. St. Lewis’s legal fees without limit in in her pursuit against Mr. Rancourt in the name of a moral obligation and of the fact that Ms. St. Lewis was attacked for work she did as an employee. It is impossible for us to see how it would be different in Ms. Gashoka’s case, since she has been threatened with a lawsuit for having repeated and somewhat developed the ideas of Mr. Rancourt.” (free translation) – Hamdi Souissi, La Rotonde, March 4, 2013

The article, “Joanne St. Lewis’s lawyer threatens to sue student” can be read HERE (in french).

Video of Hazel Gashoka’s February 27, 2013 press conference can be viewed on Youtube HERE.

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