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U of O doctoral student forced to withdraw from program

May 26, 2013

PhD student Nicholas Ali of the University of Ottawa reports he has been denied an oral defense of his thesis, despite having his thesis research published as 5 articles in peer-reviewed journals in his field:

University of Ottawa Doctoral Candidate Withdrawn from Program despite extraordinary academic achievements, evidence of bias, and administrative injustices

(OTTAWA, May 25, 2013) – Mr. Nicholas Ali, former PhD candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, was informed on May 10, 2013 that his appeal with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) Executive Committee was denied.

After over 5 years of research, tireless hard work, and publishing his doctoral thesis in several international peer-reviewed authoritative scientific journals, Mr. Ali’s appeal to defend his doctoral thesis orally was denied. Mr. Ali’s appeal clearly presented evidence of a thesis examiner admitted bias, conflict of interest between thesis examiner and student’s supervisor, and the Dean of FGPS review of the student’s thesis even though the Dean of FGPS has no knowledge in the student’s study domain. Evidence of lack of procedural fairness and transparency in the evaluation of the student’s thesis, as well as violation of university regulations are claimed against the University and its staff in Mr. Ali’s appeal.

(Read the rest of Mr. Ali’s press release HERE).


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